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Re: Art Show is always accepting proposals from artists and curators. Due to the amount of inquiries we receive, we recommend following these guidelines to better help us understand your ideas. There are no fees associated with submission or participation. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to the amount of submissions we receive, we are only able to respond to those that we feel will fit within our future programming.*

Email proposals to


We want to see:


- Examples of past work (or past shows curated) 


- A brief statement about what you are interested in including in our show. If you are interested in making new work, which is something we encourage, this statement will better help us understand how we can facilitate your needs. 


-If you are interested in being a guest curator, please provide a list of artists and potential works included. 


-Optional but encouraged: visual aids such as sketches or mockups of new work-to-be-made if the work hasn't been made yet.




A proposal sent to Re: Art Show does not guarantee your participation. Additionally, a proposal sent to Re: Art Show is not a proposal to simply use our space. Our project is about the collaboration of a group of artists, the mixing together of their respective audiences, and the connections made between themselves and their work. Re: Art Show is an ever evolving group show. As such, we, as curators, always consider the relationships between every artist and curator who reaches out to us, and we embrace staging multiple themes, installations and curatorial projects at once, and in the same space. Please consider the sprit of these ideals when preparing your proposal. 


Finally, it is encouraged that all potential participants read our mission statement before submitting a proposal. We aim to be highly inclusive and responsive, and following the above guidelines will help us approach your ideas in a way that best reflects our mission.  


Thank you for taking the time to consider these ideas. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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